Special Education

The Special Education Department services all students who have been identified with a disability. This categorical program is designed to meet the goals and objectives that are addressed by the Individual Educational Planning Committee (IEPC). Please explore the resources found on this page to further describe the programming.

Central’s Special Education Department includes
  • All required academic classes

  • Intensive Math and Reading Program

  • Transitional Based Categorical Program

  • Community-Based Instruction Program (CBI)

  • Inclusion Program in the areas of Math, Money, Art, and Broadcasting

Delta Connection is a program that is designed for college-bound students with disabilities. The program focuses on skills that will result in post-secondary success. Through monthly workshops, students are exposed to college readiness skills such as career exploration, applying to college, FAFSA information, and becoming familiar with college campuses. Research has shown that students with disabilities struggle with the transition to college. The goal of Delta Connection is to equip the students with the necessary tools to have a successful post-secondary experience.