The Business Department at Central offers students the chance to take classes that will enhance the types of skills that will be needed both in the classroom and on the job.

The Department is divided into three sections: Offering Computer Instruction, Financial Record Keeping for Business and Personal Use, and Retail Store Operations. Classes include a variety of computer courses at different levels of competency, accounting, business and consumer law, financial management, introduction to business and applied marketing where students produce the school's yearbook and manage the school store.

All students are required to demonstrate competency in computers and beginning with the Class of 2005 earn credit in at least two (2) computer classes. Currently students are enrolled directly in their first computer class. They then have options for their second computer class. These options include: Technology Two, Digital Design & Publications, Web Page Design, Digital Video Editing and more.

All of the above courses are designed to give students practical skills and background knowledge in computer usage as defined by today’s modern work environment. The Computer/Business Department operates three labs of computers plus students have the opportunity to work in the school store.