Unified Champions

Unified Champions was introduced as a brand new club to Central High School in 2009 and already has made a difference. Members are looked upon as being leaders of the school, which comes with a lot of dedication and commitment, but is one of the most rewarding clubs here at Central. Unified Champions is a division of Special Olympics that is all about joining the general education with the special education, giving all students much needed attention, endowing a true high school experience for all. Central's Unified group won a national aware for running a complete and productive Unified Club in 2017. Plus, Unified Champions is so much fun!! There are endless activities and opportunities to get involved throughout this club! Sponsors: Mrs. Hildinger (hildingerp@bcschools.net or 989-893-9541 ext. 1220) and Mrs. K. Jackson (jacksonk@bcschools.net or 989-893-9541 ext. 1232)

Below are activities that Unified Champions members can choose to be involved in
  • Members participate in after school activities such as bowling, basketball, volleyball, track, bocce ball, crafts, going to football -- basketball -- volleyball -- soccer games, going to plays, choir and band concerts and much more! It is up to the student members to decide what activities to do.

  • Members may compete in sports such as bowling, basketball, volleyball and bocce ball. These events are held at State Games and give students a chance to meet students from around the state and spend some time on university campuses.

  • Meetings will be held the second Wednesday of each month, notifications will be sent in time prior to meeting date -- listen to announcements or stop by and see Mrs. Hildinger in Room 220. You may also check out the information in the display case near the main office.

  • The Polar Plunge is a winter event in which willing members raise and pledge money to get the chance to jump in icy water for Special Olympics.

  • The R Word Campaign is an event that all Unified Champions members participate in, standing up and raising awareness throughout the school, and within the district, regarding the hurtful and unnecessary "R" word. SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD! Your words have the power to change lives. Use your power and show RESPECT!

  • We need you to turn in two sheets of information to become a member of CHS Unified Champions: Information sheet and Special Olympics Health Form or Participation Form.