School Dances

CHS students may bring a guest to school dances. The guest must be at least a freshman in high school but no older than 20 years and pre-registered and approved by an administrator via a Guest Approval form. All guest pass request forms need to be turned in by the end of the day Wednesday prior to the dance scheduled.

Filling out the Guest form does not guarantee that the person will be allowed to attend. It is better to ask for approval well in advance of a dance.

To purchase tickets for Prom, a student must be of Junior or Senior status based on credits. All students must show ID's at the door to be admitted to the dance. Students are not permitted to re-enter after having once left the dance. Students are subject to all school rules and their consequences if those rules are violated (smoking, alcohol/drug possession or use, etc.).

Any inappropriate behavior will result in removal from the dance. Students should make arrangements for transportation prior to coming to the dance. Suspended/Expelled students are not permitted to attend.