Climate Stick Club

If you would take a moment to look outside and imagine if there was no grass, trees or animals. Imagine the dark sky and freezing temps just before the sun comes up to boil us with its rays. This is our future unless we do something about it now, and it all starts with you. You may have seen these colorful sticks pinned on backpacks or on necklaces. These are called climate sticks and they show where our atmosphere is and where it is going to be if we don't do anything about the carbon polluting our air. We need everyone who is interested in helping the cause to go speak to Mrs. Kim Dukarski in the attendance office during your lunch hour. Before or after school will work as well. Together we can literally save the world.

Meet the Crew
  • Tony Castillo as President

  • Isaac Stamps as Vice President

  • Merccedes Lasecki as Secretary

  • Yazmin Paul as Treasurer

  • Ryan Hernandez as Media Specialist

Climate Stick Club

Our Mission: To save our Earth one person at a time.

  • Fundraising Events: Helping the Women's Shelter, selling candy bars from World's Finest Chocolate, and spreading the word daily through Climate Stick.

  • Climate Stick: Green is beneficial CO2 from that helped us develop agriculture, black is added CO2 from burning carbon since 1800, and the yellow line is max for historical climate. Burning 25% of the yellow devastates the agriculture. The red and yellow represents the carbon that is planned to be burned.

Let's create awareness about Global Warming throughout all ages. By working as one we can make the future worth looking forward to.