Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department consists of four different areas. They are World Language, Music, Art, and Communications.

  • World Language at Central realizes the greater importance of the knowledge of other languages being placed on our global society. Our students have the opportunity to study three languages. These are studies in French, German, and Spanish. A full cultural study of the selected country is explored through not only grammar basics and conversational language, but literature and history, also.

  • The Music Department features both vocal and instrumental courses. Vocal includes Concert Choir, Resounding Harmony, and Varsity Choir. Instrumental includes Marching Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Honors Band, and Wind Ensemble Band.

  • The Visual Arts include both 2-D and 3-D experiences. Four years of Art courses are available including Clay, Drawing, Introduction to Visual Arts, Mural Design, and Painting. Many 2-D media are used, such as a variety of papers, tempera, acrylics, oils, watercolor, pencil, Prismacolor, chalk pastels, pen and ink. Some media for 3-D work include clay, glass, wood, recycled/reusable materials, solar components, and plaster.

    Modern "M.A.D.ness" (Music/Art/Drama) and M.A.D.ness II (Advanced) is also offered. These are courses different from the regular Music, Art, and Drama courses. They are for the student who needs to fulfill their Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts graduation requirement but does not want to actually create Art, Music, or Drama. It concentrates on learning about the arts from the 20th century to the present.

  • The Family and Consumer Sciences Department consists of 3 class offerings: Beginning Foods 1, Advanced Foods 2, and Interior Design. Students will learn basic cooking and nutrition in the beginning foods class while heading toward more in-depth cooking recipes in advanced foods. Interior Design covers the concepts of personal aesthetics, design principle and elements, color theory, floor planning, and basic architectural drawing.

  • The Communications Department includes the following courses: Broadcasting and Advanced Broadcasting, Introduction to Television Productions, Drama and Advanced Drama, Forensics, Debate, and Communications. The new Communications course is a graduation requirement.