Course Selection Guide

BCC Course Selection Guide

Decisions on course selection have never been easier

Today, students will make choices based on a career development process and the Career Pathways Model. Career activities begin in the seventh grade (entitled: Planning Your Future) and are continued each year thereafter. Students learn how to explore careers, to analyze options, to self-assess interests and abilities, and to develop an educational plan that will lead to success in career choices throughout their life span. The purpose of the Educational Development Plan (EDP) is to provide all students with a periodically updated and ongoing record of career planning. The EDP will provide students a system with steps to evaluate careers so that their career is by choice, not by chance. All students set goals through an EDP, based on a pathway, making course selection more focused and relevant.

Bay City Public High Schools are Career Pathway High Schools

Career pathways are a set of defined academic programs, career-technical programs, and college or university programs that lead students to a successful and fulfilling career. The Michigan Career Preparation System uses the six categories or pathways shown below. These defined pathways help focus students’ time spent in high school while preparing for their future Technical, Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degrees.

The Michigan Career Pathways are listed below. The following pages contain information on the traits, characteristics, courses, and career possibilities included in each pathway. Career Pathways allow you to actively Plan Your Future!