Alumni Hall of Fame

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Bay City Central has instituted the Alumni Hall of Fame to help students build pride in their school, find identity in a large school, and reach standards. Under the direction of the Student Council, the Hall of Fame recognizes those graduates whose achievements serve to inspire today's youth.

Citizens of the community make nominations. From the names submitted, a committee of local citizens, faculty and students selects the alumni to be inducted each year. The criteria for selection is (1) he/she has brought honor to Central High School, (2) he/she has achieved success in his/her field or endeavor, (3) he/she holds concern and compassion for his/her society and community, and (4) he/she has made some type of contribution to humanity. A new member is inducted each June at Commencement.

The Alumni Hall of Fame is on permanent display in the main hall of Central High School and below sorted by year inducted (oldest to current).